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Take one look at Wyatt Russell — shaggy blond hair, SoCal hipster beard — and you can see why folks consider him a stoner heartthrob.

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I could do my own thing. Abrams-produced horror movie. When music producer Mr. These days, the jams he hears coming out of the clubs in Lagos are mostly homegrown. Politics Twitter long ago devolved into the Landfill for Bad Takes. But in , the trash-fire fumes have been particularly hard to escape. Cutting sensibly through the morass is mild-mannered Canadian newspaper reporter Daniel Dale ddale8 , presently the D. When Elizabeth Stokes was growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, the first band she played in was a folk duo called Teacups.

Africa, the Caribbean and the U. But lately, thanks to cheap recording technology and the global reach of YouTube, those feedback loops are happening at warp speed. We know barely anything about the next Star Trek series, except that it stars Patrick Stewart, going back into interstellar duty as Capt.

Jean-Luc Picard. With an eye on the Prime Directive and a steady hand on the wheel. Kirk, has a lot of pluses — his intensity, his courage, his loyalty, his Tribble tolerance. Picard is the captain you can trust. Now more than ever: Make it so.

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  • Climate change is causing heatwaves to happen more often and with greater intensity.
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Her years at the L. Heard the commotion.

100. "I don't have friends. I got family."

Congrats on your new job! Who would you hire to direct it? Given free rein to reinterpret the true story of love and war, Lanthimos was quick to hoist his freak flag. He cites a dance sequence, set at a costume ball, in which Weisz and Joe Alwyn break into moves that seem to combine Russian folk music and hip-hop. But I think people secretly want weird. But lately, some podcasters have started moving away from the traditional formats — news, commentary, history, documentary — and into something entirely new: scripted fiction.

Hurricane Dorian strengthens to a Category 4 storm, National Hurricane Center says

Space Force began as a joke. Cartoonish logo prototypes circulated. Were it a government plot — a dazzling scheme to keep the public stupid — QAnon would be a great achievement in the otherwise relatively undistinguished history of the CIA. Alas, it is not. She was battered by both foot waves and near hurricane level winds - an extreme, rare weather event that suggests low-CO2 climate change at work. No other gigantic ship has sunk on the Great Lakes since those low CO2 levels, doncha know.

The decade of the 70's were exceptional for its extreme and severe weather events that plagued the globe during the regime of low atmospheric CO2. Climate scientists and other experts at the time debated as to the causes, but the science remained unsettled as to why the weather extremes had become so violent and frequent during that specific decade. Climate change extreme weather events due to low CO2 :.

Pakistan - 1,, Deaths Likely. East Coast Floods. To Warm 25 Degrees. Man-made ice age! Hit By Torrential Rains. Govt Scientist. California Will Be Impacted. Drought Blamed On Global Warming. November 11, at PM Permalink Comments 1. Government-funded scientists, the Green's anti-CO2 activists and the mainstream media-alarmists have all claimed that the current drought being suffered by the US west coast is the extreme climate change Americans have never experienced before.

They claim it is due to human CO2 emissions of the modern industrial and consumer civilization. Yet severe droughts have been part and parcel of the world's climate since humans started recording severe weather events. Across the globe, and the US, there is no shortage of historical drought reports and other extreme climate conditions. More specifically, as the images below attest, drought extremes in the US have been extensively documented by NOAA since the s, with most taking place well before the global ppm CO2 atmospheric level was commonplace.

For a perspective, the October drought conditions top-left image have often been exceeded by some kick-ass October drought conditions in the past.

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Simply put, the climate has always been changing, impacting large geographical regions at any given time. As the scientific empirical evidence makes clear, a changing climate is not unusual, and most definitely is not solely due to human CO2 emissions. For someone to claim otherwise is literally anti-scientific. During , global CO2 emissions first cracked the ppm CO2 level.

NOAA reports that the October reading was November 09, at PM Permalink Comments 0. The adjacent chart depicts the distribution of the top 50 DeBilt, Holland rainfall events while atmospheric CO2 levels increased over the decades.

Go here to view maximum hourly precipitation incidents versus global cumulative CO2 emission tonnes since For the record, on any given hour during any given day, someplace in the world is likely to be experiencing an extreme weather event. And it is indisputable that hundreds of media outlets have extensively documented over the past century that weather catastrophes have always been a normal climate occurrence, regardless of greenhouse gas emissions.

October 08, at AM Permalink Comments 0.

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The climate doomsday-cult promoters at the Huffington Post and Climate Nexus did their usual thing, trying to convince the American public that Hurricane Joaquin was the result of global warming. Of course, when the alarmists uttered these claims, they were based on the hurricane computer models that forecast Joaquin's path would strike the East Coast of the U.

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Fortunately for the coastal residents, the climate change doomsters were wrong , spectacularly. And speaking of spectacularly wrong, the expert climate-change computer models predicted rapidly warming waters that the hurricane's path would traverse. Instead, as the adjacent chart clearly documents, those ocean waters have cooled since , not warmed as predicted. Another case of ' those stubborn facts '. Governing elites, bureaucrats and the public should absolutely not base any expensive policy-making decisions on these research tools. Prior climate model articles and charts. October 04, at AM Permalink Comments 1.

Article : Since s, the Australian region has experienced a tropical cyclone trend that would send shivers down the spine of any global warming alarmist. Just another confirmation to be added to the pile of empirical evidence that challenges catastrophic global warming claims. June 03, at AM Permalink Comments 0. There are past periods of extreme weather and severe natural disasters that just stand out as examples of strange climate activity and weird 'earthly' behavior. The decade of the s is one such period of bizarre, freaky and dangerous weather that prompted serious scientific discussions regarding global climate change at the time.

And the most discussed condition of climate change that had the focus of scientists and government experts?

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Below is a list of early 's weather and other natural disaster events and links to multiple articles about the most popular climate change hypothesis at the time. Pure Hollywood, utilizing anti-science propaganda masquerading as possible climate catastrophic conditions from global warming. And try guessing the audience that embraces the gutter of such doomsday garbage - of course , you aren't surprised are you? As the U. East Coast continues to dig out from another major blizzard, it is a reminder that natural climate forces and patterns have eviscerated the predictions made by by government climate "experts.