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You segregate the captured. Safeguard the prisoner from harm while preventing him from escaping. Speed the EPW to the designated collection point, away from the battle.

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Every captive is tagged with information like date of capture, the location of capture, etc. One of the main objectives is to keep an EPW out of the fight, to remove any hope of fighting, to remove any hope period. Providing a deep sense of being alone is one of the objectives of EPW handling. The enemy has often, daily, hourly, constantly deployed these tactics against me. Naked, bleeding, alone and afraid I am captured by my accuser. The good news is, Scripture acts like a Corpsman US Navy personnel that Soldiers in the US Army would call a Medic ready to revive and give life-saving care for my wounded soul and mind.

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If he finds Scripture on me, he makes an attempt to twist it and then uses it as a weapon against me. Good News: Jesus used Scripture to reject the devil Matthew The devil can search and accuse all he wants.

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The Enemy: He will make an attempt to silence me. Now is the time to hide from God. No one can relate to your situation nor have any answers for you. I know, I know, not what a regenerate, sanctified individual is supposed to say, amirite? When the devil tries to silence me and lie to me that praying is futile, the greatest news ever is that Jesus is praying for me Hebrews ; Romans ; 1 John The Enemy: His goal is to segregate me from other sinners. I've looked around the internet and people say I can offer him to a king for money, but I've talked to the king and no such option pops up.

I know he'll have a good chance to escape once he reaches full health, so I can't really play until I understand what to do, because at worst he's a fat paycheck. My current save has me and my men in the same city as the king , I have the enemy king and one of his lords, they are definitely at war.

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A bonus question for those who are feeling like it, I guess the way to start the rest of the game is becoming a vassal, but I don't know if I'm correct. Can I start doing that in return for the captured king, or do I have to do something else? Thanks a lot for reading. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Native game no mod's It's a hit and miss type situation.

Best thing to do is save your game alot and keep telling them not to try and escape. Eventually the prisoners own kingdom will offer to pay for their release. Just ask any king to join his kingdom is really all you have to do but you have to have a certain level of renown.

Happy gaming :. Last edited by cqqks ; 4 Jul, am. First thing, just as what "cqqks" said : "Best thing to do is save your game alot and keep telling them not to try and escape" Keep the king and his lord inside a town or castle as prisoners lower escape chance Second, "a king for money" : It depends on how big the kingdon he has.

Captured Allied Armor: Enemy Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Thanks for your replies, I love the game a lot so I just kept playing, the king ended up escaping, but the lord didn't, so I got about 2k for that. Don't go too in-depth because I'd like to experience it as unspoiled as possible. Parrhesiastes View Profile View Posts.

This ransom question is all confused. If you capture a King and you don't own a castle with a prison tower in it, you carry him around with your army tied up on the back of your horse maybe? Each night, when the sun sets, prisoners have a chance to escape, prisoners in the field have the best chances to escape. If you capture a King and you stick him into prison, chances are very low that he will ever manage to escape but it is still possible. In either case, his faction will contact you with a ransom offer at some point.

The time is variable. Occassionally, a struggling faction can take a long time to come up with a King's ransom.

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That is typically over 10k denars in Native, while in VC, it can be almost any amount I just ransomed off a lord for over 83k gold yesterday. Some lords will "kindly" offer to take noble prisoners off of your hands.