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Thom is the author of Embracing Fear: How to Turn What Scares Us into Our Greatest Gift and co-author (with Jenni Schaefer) of Life Without Ed. If you are.

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Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. Ella is 34 years old and wonders if she will ever be married and have a child, then Matt came along. Would Hope ever embrace Ella, loving her as a mom as well as learning to allow Ella to love on her? In this book, we spend the most time reading the adventures the firefighters take fighting forest fires all over. The characters and action are very engaging as well as the scenes in which the author places them.

Both of the stories are very fun and entertaining to read.

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My rating for Firestorm is four stars. Jun 06, Paula-O rated it it was amazing. I was drawn into the story of Reyne Oldre from the beginning, she worked with fires. This is not my usual type of reading, but I soon found myself loving all the terms used in the language of folks fighting big-time fires.

Reyne had a real bad experience at "Oxbow" the grand-daddy of fires and lost some of her team members, going The Full Circle Series Book 6 "Firestorm" by Lisa Tawn Bergren I had not read any of the others in this series but "Firestorm" is a great stand alone novel to read. Reyne had a real bad experience at "Oxbow" the grand-daddy of fires and lost some of her team members, going through a very harrowing time herself and had the nightmares still from time to time.

She had gone into research to stay with the job she loved but stay out of the field work. It was at a crucial moment in a meeting to win over some big folks to get a grant for her project that the door burst open literally and she met Logan McCabe. Logan was a Smoke-jumper and he too had a project to win over these guys for a grant to help.

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He had a way of being so charming - telling jokes and all the men knew him and before she knew what was happening Logan had taken over the meeting, she was so upset to say the least-needless to say Logan and Reyne did not hit if off well at that first meeting. This book tells of a relationship of three women who had been friends for sometime and one of them has cancer uncurable cancer.

Their friendship is one for all and all for one-so to speak. You will meet many wonderful folks that work with fires and they bond so that whenever they are thrown together fighting fires they work as one.

ISBN 13: 9781578564668

Soon Logan and Reyne are put together to do a project and it doesnt take long for them both to know they are in deep trouble as their attraction and friendship grows I hope you will take the time to read this one as it is a great story and I learned a lot about fighting fires and the courageous folks that work together to put them out. I was given this book by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing grp for an honest review and this one was a pleasure to do.. May 28, Chris rated it liked it.

Firestorm is Book 6 in the Full Circle series. Within the series each book is somewhat tied to the other through the relationships of characters. Firestorm follows Reyne Oldre a few years after her being involved in a tragic accident while fighting a forest fire. No longer on the frontlines of fighting forest fires, Reyne is making a presentation as part of her US Forest Service job for a research project to help save more firefighter lives. A week later this same man parachutes in to her home while she has company and tells her that they will be working together on his project.

From there on out, while not being too formulaic the inevitable happens.

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Arguing, testiness and love. True love.

It is refreshing that the characters are Christians and actually pray for guidance and help. The book is well written and I am sure that the others in the series are as well. I have to be candid in saying that romance novels are not my cup of tea. Same goes with girl movies. I can leave them to the girls. But I will recommend that if you do like romance novels this is a series for you. I liked Firestorm. A lot. Bergren wrote an interesting romance you really can't help but like. At first I was a bit irritated at Logan's jump to pursue Reyne, especially when he went as far as to make a bet over it.

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It seemed, to me anyway, like he was just out to conquer and he didn't particularly pray about it or even really think it out well. However, despite my initial reaction to Logan's pursuits, I couldn't help but end up liking him. I know Reyne is supposed to be the main character, but I liked Firestorm. I know Reyne is supposed to be the main character, but I'm going to go off about Logan for a lil bit since he was my favorite in the book.

Logan's a fun, quirky in a masculine kind of way, of course , dude who's passionate about his job. The longer the plot went the more level headed he seemed to be as he worked to spend as much time with Reyne as possible, and came up with some of the most original ideas for dates.

One of the things I noticed about this book is the distance I felt from the characters. Generally I like to feel involved in the plot, almost as if I am the character. I didn't quite get that this time around, which is okay.

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Since the plot covers several months, time is a little less detailed and the relationship between the two is unraveled at a distance almost. Instead of being directly involved, I felt like I was watching from a distance. Was an interesting change of pace for me. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for this review. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review. Jul 07, Erin Cataldi rated it liked it Shelves: , blogging-for-books.

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Lisa Tawn Bergren, an accomplished Christian novelist with dozen of books in print, combines fear, risk, love, loss, and fires all into one novel, in "Firestorm. This story follows fire science expert, Reyne, as she tries to overcome her fears and learn to trust in God again after she loses four of her crew in a horrendous firestorm. After taking Lisa Tawn Bergren, an accomplished Christian novelist with dozen of books in print, combines fear, risk, love, loss, and fires all into one novel, in "Firestorm.

After taking a much safer job behind the scenes she starts to cross paths with sexy smoke-jumper, Logan, but is hesitant to get to attached because she fears that he too will be overcome by the fire someday. As the story progresses she learns to drop some of her barriers as she takes a dying friends advice her best friend, Beth, has cancer to live life to the fullest and to trust God with what he has in store for you. Overall, it was predictable and sappy but still pulled at the heartstrings.

A light breezy read that doesn't require too much of your focus. On a side note, it is also interesting to see how fire-jumpers and firefighters combat big forest and plain fires. Read at your leisure if you like Christian romance. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Press in return for my honest, unbiased opinion. Jun 27, Tima rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-fiction. Reyne is a firefighter. After losing four members of her team in a forest fires she retreats to research where it is safe and vows to never date a firefighter.

But then Logan, a smoke jumper, enters the picture with his project that could save lives and ruins her good intentions. I had read this book years ago when I read the entire series.

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I enjoyed it the second time around as well. There were a couple of flaws for me. One was how annoying Logan was in the beginning. I think the author did too great of a job of portraying how Reyne felt about him at first. It also seemed a bit more shallow than her previous books. It was a short, fun summer read, but not very much depth. The story was entertaining and at times heartfelt.