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Thom is the author of Embracing Fear: How to Turn What Scares Us into Our Greatest Gift and co-author (with Jenni Schaefer) of Life Without Ed. If you are.

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His mission is to find the missiles and diamonds, also find out about his father. Hawk breaks bones, necks and kills, but also rescues innocent people. He's shot and injured repeatedly but keeps going.

Sometimes this makes him little unbelievable character. His boss is intoxicated by power and money, Texas Senator Blunt. Blunt works for The Chamber. Another secret Op's named Searchlight Good story. Another secret Op's named Searchlight and hacker named Bare Bones.


Like what happened to Dr. In Sierra Leone or Searchlight isn't explained, maybe next book will answer these questions. Jul 18, Amanda Lee rated it it was amazing. I could not put it down! I loved learning more about the characters and trying to figure it out. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book. Jan 05, Dee Haddrill rated it liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series , read , thriller. Maybe they will come back into play further in the series.

My problem with this book was the lack of editing. I know these are little things but they can take you out of the story. Nov 19, Ellen White rated it it was amazing. Is Hawk in this Op's Firestorm, to get rid of situations, or to uncover who is father is? This is another powerful, to the end about Hawk's mission, Senator Blunt has a situation brewing in Sierra Leone, missiles need to be retrieved.

Do this I will tell you more about your father, giving him a name now. Alex a former CIA. She's an operator behind the scene, hired also by Blunt. Who are the good guys. CIA director Simon Coker he profits from the war. Sudden death, of the senator, brings a tidal wave of bitterness, for Hawk. Who will give him answer, of his father, and was Jessica really dead? Will have Hawk and Alex.. Another great story to enjoy. Given ARC to review, and give my honest opinion. Thank you Jack, it was great. Jul 13, dennis barron rated it it was amazing. Deep Cover.

Jack Patterson Brady Hawk has a lot of questions he needs answered. Is his employer who he says he is, a Patriot? Or does he use his power for personal gain..

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The only person he can really trust is his handler. His mission is to cut off the finances of a terrorist and to locate stolen missiles. A truly fast and highly entertaining read! Action on ever page!!

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Jul 26, D. Jane Akins rated it really liked it. Reads a little slow The book was good enough that I wanted to finish it but I thought the character development was disappointing and you knew everything that was going to happen. I still gave it 4 stars and look forward to read the next book. May 09, Stephen Washburn rated it it was amazing. Deep c-ver I really like -this series. After reading the first 2 books, I know that I'll continue reading the whole series.

Jun 11, Brandon Byler rated it really liked it. Great series! This book is packed with action and a few twists. This is a real page Turner! I'm totally sold on the series and can't wait to read the next book. Jul 26, Edward Bond rated it really liked it. An exciting read. Jan 13, Dave rated it really liked it. Action and adventure along with deceit and deception. Multiple concerns keep Hawk busy as he fights the bad guys. Back Engineering Resources Browse through our resource collection including design tools, videos, articles, reference designs, conversion calculators, product selectors, and blogs.

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The amount of elaborate planning, risk, and expenditure can pressure an agent to succeed, which can cause considerable stress. The lack of the usual controls of a uniform, badge, constant supervision, a fixed place of work, or often a set assignment could, combined with their continual contact with the organized crime , increase the likelihood for corruption.

This stress may be instrumental in the development of drug or alcohol abuse in some agents. They are more prone to the development of an addiction as they suffer greater stress than other police, they are isolated, and drugs are often very accessible. There can be some guilt associated with going undercover due to betraying those who have come to trust the officer.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 Takedown! C.I.A. Deep Cover Operation! Task Force 141!

This can cause anxiety or even, in very rare cases, sympathy with those being targeted. This is especially true with the infiltration of political groups, as often the agent will share similar characteristics with those they are infiltrating like class, age, ethnicity or religion. This could even result in the conversion of some agents. The lifestyle led by undercover agents is very different compared to other areas in law enforcement, and it can be quite difficult to reintegrate back into normal duties.

Agents work their own hours, they are removed from direct supervisory monitoring, and they can ignore the dress and etiquette rules. After working such free lifestyles, agents may have discipline problems or exhibit neurotic responses. They may feel uncomfortable, and take a cynical, suspicious or even paranoid world view and feel continually on guard. Undercover agents should not be confused with law enforcement officers who wear plainclothes.

This method is used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. To wear plainclothes is to wear civilian clothes , instead of wearing a uniform , to avoid detection or identification as a law enforcement officer. However, plainclothes police officers typically carry normal police equipment and normal identification. Police detectives are assigned to wear plainclothes by wearing suits or formal clothes instead of the uniform typically worn by their peers.

Police officers in plainclothes must identify themselves when using their police powers; however, they are not required to identify themselves on demand and may lie about their status as a police officer in some situations see sting operation. Sometimes, police might drive an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle which looks like a taxi.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Undercover disambiguation. For the film, see Undercover Agent. A Master of Crime. Roth, James Stuart Olson Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement.