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Current State of the U. Healthcare System. Current Situation in the Afghan War. An Overview of Nuclear Power Plants. Unfortunately, the style of management that Steve has chosen, commonly known as the exploratory one, led him to failure.

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Indeed, each his manner is the evidence to his aptitude to exploitation of the employees. Since Steve has chosen the exploitative manner of managing the company and the work of the employees, it can be suggested that, together with the strain within the company, the conflict within reach worker in the office is constantly growing.

It is obvious that the office workers are not being motivated anyhow — on the contrary, they shape the most unfavorable image of their working place as the place where they can possibly lose their faces and be humiliated in front of the crowd. Therefore, the drops in the performance, as well as the number of people quitting, will influence the company income sufficiently There is no doubt that the decrease of the company revenue will follow inevitably.

Caught in exclusive circle, the enterprise is likely to lose gradually the staff and the income, which will eventually lead to a complete collapse, financial and economical. Let's see if we can help you!

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One of the crucial issues in the given situation is whether the company can probably start anew, and whether the trustful relationships within the company can be restored. It is clear that, unless Steve recognizes the problem and does anything to solve it, he is bound to face huge losses.

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  7. Only comprising the corporate aims, competitive opportunity and consumer context Mouncey , that is, both respecting employees and building strong relationships within the company Sears , 45 , he will be able to improve the situation. Despite the obvious change in the business relationships over the past few decades, corporate bullying remains just as complicated a problem as it used to. There is no doubt that workplace bullying can take various shapes. However, in the given essay the author prefers to consider bullying as a form of intimidation. Indeed, the reasons provided by the author of the essay are quite clear.