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A product that has all the latest thinking, while providing years of value. Be prepared with Westinghouse portable power for emergencies and remote tasks. Get the power to get the job done with Westinghouse portable power. From camping to tailgating, Westinghouse provides the power you need. Since , Westinghouse has brought the best to life. You can see it in the products we make. Watch Westinghouse videos on YouTube to learn more about our products. This will save you an enormous amount of time.

Here is a basic example to help you get started. The first power measurement you are dealing with is watts. This means what the generator needs to be able to do at startup. The second measurement you want to determine is your continuous running time.

Know Your Personal Priorities Before Choosing a Model

This measurement is what the generator needs to provide overtime under normal load. Hopefully, you have already determined how many watts of energy you need from the tip mentioned above. Your next step is to determine how long you need the generator to provide you with electricity.

Which portable diesel generator is right for you?

Manufacturers will alert you to their estimated running times, but what you need to figure out is how that impacts you. Are you okay with needing to fuel the generator up every hour or two, or do you want something that offers four, eight or hours of running time before having to worry about that? This figure will come down to how you are using the generator and in what application. For example, is the generator for emergencies and used only in those situations? Will you need the generator for a job site with multiple power pulls?

Maybe you need something that you can take aboard a boat will you are out for an entire day on the water. Our final tip, which really just comes down to your preference, is to choose what type of portable generator you want. Your decision on this may simply come down to access and convenience, as well as how the generator will be used. Here are the basic options. We have chosen five of our favorite portable generators that cover various user needs.

Whether you want a traditional model, an inverter-type option or an off-grid eco generator, we have you covered. User-friendly features include automatic fuel shut off, easier oil changes, and color-coded startup points. The unit has an updated ventilation system that results in better cooling of components that tend to get hot.

Verified purchasers of this Honda unit mention the diverse ways they have used this Honda generator and some tips about what made their user experience even better. One buyer says he bought this unit for his fifth wheel which has a 15, BTU roof air conditioning system. He ran that along with all the lights in the camper and had no surges or overload issues. Another buyer talks about everything he connected to the Honda unit including two freezers, two refrigerators, and various USB devices for over a three-day power outage in his area.

The buyer said he had no power issues and got about 8-hours of run time from a full tank of gas each time he filled it. Most users report that this unit offers a simple and dependable power source for both fun applications and emergency situations. They mention that taking it to a place where other people may be at, say a campground, may prove challenging and irritate them with the noise factor.

Despite Honda claims, some users report that changing the oil on this model is incredibly difficult. This was especially annoying since generators need frequent oil changes.

Checking the oil levels was also challenging since getting to the dip stick requires removing the cover. Users report that you will save yourself from any carburetor gumming if you use non-ethanol gas even though this unit has a drainage system in place. Regular gas is harder on small engines and requires more maintenance, so using non-ethanol gas will aid in additional maintenance.

Finally, a number of buyers suggested using a funnel to fill this unit with fuel as it gulps very slowly creating a mess otherwise. We know that so many of you are looking for the best unit to take on your next adventure.

Best Generator for Tailgating

For some that will be via land in your RV, for others, by yacht on the intercoastal waterways. A smaller unit like this, that is ultra-portable, will be your best bet.

With inverter power, this generator will have you making new friends quickly who need to charge their phones. In addition to the key features above, this unit is known for its cold weather startup. For those of you who live in the frozen tundra, this might be a genuinely advantageous point. The Champion portable generator has a steel frame, fold-down handle, and tires the company says will to never go flat.

If you need to switch from one fuel to another, the unit features a quick-safe switch which has been patented by the company. The Champion holds 3.

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Verified purchasers discuss how they used this generator and how it performed under various conditions from hurricanes, to frequent power outages or recreational uses. Buyers who were impacted by hurricanes over the past year were grateful for the Champion Watt dual fuel generator. Many reported that it was up and running in about minutes and came with recommended oil. The electronic start made startup fast and easy with some connecting a number of appliances and devices to it at once.

Portable Generator Reviews Of - Generators Reviews

Another buyer reported that he took this unit camping in an RV for him and his family. At one point in the trip, the unit ran over hours serving a family of five. This included showers, cooking, an AC unit, and electronic devices. Users report that this unit is louder than any other unit they have previously owned. Some returned it based on this evaluation. Buyers who struggled with their purchase said they had a hard time dealing with Champion customer service.

They also find use at construction sites, farms, motor homes, and recreation vehicles, and during camping trips. These units are generally used in trailers where the small power output generated is adequate. Also, being compact and lightweight, these sets can be conveniently stored in the trailer compartment or in the back of a tow vehicle.

The 14 Best Portable Generators for Every Budget

Stationary Generators Despite the many advantages associated with portable units, they are not suitable for addressing very high power requirements, such as those of an enterprise, for very long periods of time. In such a case, the permanent standby generator addresses the exacting and urgent power requirements of businesses. This unit provides power by being hard-wired into the main distribution panel and can be started manually or even automatically in the event of a power outage.

During a power failure, an automatic transfer switch isolates the electrical wiring from the utility grid and signals the generator to start functioning. The generator begins to feed power to the lines. When power is restored, a reverse action takes place, wherein incoming feed is once again procured from utility lines and the generator ceases to function and goes into a standby mode. The transfer time is usually about 10 to 30 seconds. Also, it makes practical sense to ensure UPS availability during times when the generator is shut down once in every 50 to hours for the purpose of changing motor oil.

Stationary generators are capable of supporting very high power levels in the range of 3kW to several hundreds of kilowatts, for extended periods of time.

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