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The Girl of the Sea of Cortez

Peter Benchley's fascination with the sea and its magnificent inhabitants inspired such classic novels as Jaws and The Deep, making him the preeminent author of ocean adventure and suspense. The Girl of the Sea of Cortez was his most heartfelt, cherished story of the relationship between man and the sea, both those that live in it and those who love it. On an island in the Gulf of California, an intrepid young woman named Paloma carries a special legacy from her fathera deep understanding of the sea and a sixth sense about the need to protect it.

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Every day, Paloma paddles her tiny boat into the ocean and anchors over a seamounta submerged volcanic peak sixty feet underwater that is clustered with spectacular sea animals and a wondrous web of marine life. She develops an extraordinary relationship with this luminous, gentle creature, but instinctively knows its existence is a secret she must fiercely protect. Full of beauty, danger, and adventure, The Girl of the Sea of Cortez is triumphant—a novel to fall in love with.

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