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Wilhelm Reich. Die emotionale Pest der Menschen: Künstliches Denken

Citino review Richard L. Dinardo pp. Trnka pp. Dedicated to psychoanalysis, Wilhelm Reich was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, also working in Vienna. The police shooting of one hundred rebellious workers on 16th and 17th July in Vienna p. Soon Reich moved to Berlin witnessing the rise of Nazism. He delved into the ideas of Joseph Goebbels p.

Wilhelm II by John C. G. Röhl

Soon both men parted ways as Freud favoured the individual while Reich analysed the mass in order to understand fascism p. For Reich, the success of Nazism cannot be explained without looking at authoritarianism. Ten years later, his Mass Psychology became one of the most accessed books in US public libraries p.

People read the book to understand fascism. Seventy years later, many elements creating fascism as still with us.

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Fascism always comes with aggression. This is most truthfully shown in the aforementioned Come and See movie p. On a milder scale, such aggression is shown in facts like the three children dying every week in Germany because of abuse p. Much of this is not unconnected to neoliberalism in which human beings are degraded to mere appendixes to markets p.

It sets worker against worker and every small business owner against every other small business owner p. Instead of natural human solidarity, human life becomes governed by competition de Waal Simultaneously, the middle class is constantly threatened with a fear towards a downward move into the precariat with high levels of insecurity, declining wages and working conditions p. These are the times when fascism rises and when it creates scapegoats like refugees and migrants p. By , the AfD began to master this.

It encouraged hate and aggression. This is certainly true for the creation of fascist parties. On the other hand, even German Nazism needed years of intensive propaganda —roughly between and — to securely establish its regime, readying Germans for racial cleansing, the Holocaust, aggressive wars, etc. Of course, the Nazis installed a social and educational system for the authoritarian socialisation of Germans. In East Germany, the hard core willing to enforce a fascistic regime numbers about 15, people p.

This is a far cry from the , the SA could muster in Still, what Peglau argues is not quantity but quality.

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  • The rise of fascism may well lie in numbers. However, what remains significant for the understanding of fascism is psychology and mass psychology in particular. Finally, what might aid the rise of fascism in the twenty-first century is a symbiosis of authoritarianism found in AfD members Kleinert and its leader Hennig. This is not to say that the AfD is a new Nazi party. But, given what Andreas Peglau has outlined, fascistoid elements are found inside the party from ordinary members to the very top Klikauer d.

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    Download PDF. Open Access. First Online: 01 July Alone in the city of Berlin there were violent acts in its public transport system in the year p. Right-wing politicians exploit this sort of aggression rather skilfully. Their ideologies fall of fruitful grounds when 4. The authoritarian personality, as Adorno once called it, remains prevalent in Germany and elsewhere Adorno et al. Unsurprisingly, such right wing and fascistoid attitudes are most common among AfD voters p. East Germany p. Crucially, Andreas Peglau argues p. Funding No funding — it is just a book review.

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    • Competing interests The author declares that he has no competing interests. Adorno, Theodor W. Levinson, and R. Nevitt Sanford. The authoritarian personality. New York: Wiley. Google Scholar. Block, Susan.